Very briefly and without citing sources, we answer frequently asked questions here without going into detail. Of course, our management team is happy to respond directly to your questions. Send a or just talk to us at our events.


1. What is "Life through Christ?

"Life through Christ" is a Christian church. We are the former "Freie Christengemeinde (FCG Feldkirch)" and had the status of a church. As a church we left the association of FCGÖ and gave ourselves the new name. Now we are an independent free church.


2. Can I just come to the services?

Yes, every person, regardless of background, creed, or age, is welcome to attend our worship services. The doors are open to everyone.


3. Are you not a sect?

No, because we use not just one "sector" but the whole Bible as the basis of our faith and life. The term "sect" is sometimes used for Christian groups that are outside the established mainstream churches. In a social sense, groups that manipulate people or entangle them in dependencies are called sects.


4. Why do you bless babies and baptize youths and adults?

Because baptism is a public confession of a decision made beforehand, we baptize only those people who have consciously decided to follow Jesus Christ. We bless babies because Jesus did the same. Both practices were modeled for us by Jesus, and for baptizing he commissioned us.


5. What is a Christian?

A person who has made a conscious personal decision to follow Jesus Christ. Being a Christian does not depend on congregational or church membership, but on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


6. How to become a Christian?

Through a so-called rebirth, in the biblical sense. To experience this rebirth, one must ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness for one's sins and make Him Lord in one's life. Whoever does this receives forgiveness and the Holy Spirit. Thus one becomes a Christian in the sense of the Bible, with a new heart, a new spirit, a new mind, taken together - a new life in Christ!


7. What is a house group?

As the name suggests, it is a small circle of Christians who meet in an apartment on a weekday to serve one another with their gifts, share with one another about the sermon, praise God together, and pray.


8. Why do you pray together in worship?

Because we want to praise our God together with songs and in the prayers, without focusing on the words of the next, but on God.


9. What is the Prayer in Tongues?

It is a gift of God for believers. With it, we can worship God in a language we have never learned. We also use it to speak secrets to God from our own hearts. It is also for personal edification.