I was born on 08.09.1964 in Alsdorf- Hoengen (D).

I still have an older sister who lives with her family in Alsdorf. We were brought up Roman Catholic and therefore I believed in God.

Later this was too little for me, because when I came out of the mass ...... I found out that I didn't know anything about what it was all about. I knew all the rituals by heart, but: something was simply missing.

My mother died early at the age of 47. We were only 12 and 16 years old and my father was a single parent.  He had to work and we quickly became independent. I then got married when I was almost 20.

When I was 27 years old, I was scheduled for 2 surgeries. They were head surgeries. The first operation was for cause investigation and the second operation was for cause correction.

For the first operation I had to sign 3 documents and for the second operation I had to sign 5 documents. These documents were about the information about what can happen during this operation and what consequential damages can occur (despite own blood donation, etc.). There was a risk of paralysis, hepatitis A, B, C; AIDS and much more.

That made me feel very queasy, or rather, I got very scared. Actually, I wanted to lead a very "normal" life afterwards. Afterwards I also wanted to have children ....

So in my distress before the second operation I called out: "Jesus, if you really exist, then I want to see you! That was in the night on 24.07.1992. After this "prayer" I had a dream or a vision in the night (I can't say exactly, but it was very real). In my room it became bright and I saw a person with shoulder-length hair in white robe standing there. Since that moment I know - HE is alive and real; I don't need to be afraid anymore - really of nothing!

Both surgeries went well and the doctors were amazed that I got well so quickly and was able to get up early. My life changed completely. After 2 years I was able to get my driver's license.

My husband at the time, who has since passed away, could no longer keep up. My life changed completely and I became more active and mobile. Unfortunately, he refused psychological support, which would have been necessary after the operations, for us as a married couple, and we separated. He also had no interest in God and what I had experienced. He was completely overwhelmed with his "new" wife.

I began to work in care. First in the household (private) and then in care. There were more and more people who wanted to use my help. Finally, I completed training as a registered geriatric nurse. After the training I worked in different nursing homes in Germany.

In nursing school for the elderly, a classmate told me that there is more to faith. There are not only Catholic, but also free Christian communities. And there Jesus is in the center and not the rituals and traditions as I knew it.

I visited these churches and after about a year, I was baptized. That was in December 1997. I then met Roland Klar and in 2006 we got married. He had been a Christian for a long time and could explain a lot to me from the Bible.

Unfortunately, Roland went to be with the Lord after 6 ½ years of marriage. He had longed for it, that comforted me. No more pain and suffering for him. Now he has arrived home.

In 2019, I got to know Franz. Because he loved to go on mission and I had that on my heart again. In October 2000, I went on a mission trip to Romania for the first time. We met for the first date and got married on 07/24/2020.

Now I work in Feldkirch as a "Diplom Social worker for the elderly".

God is sooo good to us! Thank you Jesus that we can go together with you on the way.

Mary Orasch